Dirty Bike Special - Campionato Italiano MX 2016 on AutomotoTV

Are you impatient to resume the races of the new season? Don't worry, thanks to A&M Media Division you can relive all the races of Italian Motocross Championship 2016! We expect every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 13:00 as always AutomotoTV on Sky channel 148 and free streaming on the site www.automototv.it


DaySchedules Category 
Monday 13 February13:00Maggiora MX1
Tuesday 14 February 10:00Maggiora MX1
Wednesday 15 February 13:00Maggiora MX2
Thursday 16 February23:00Maggiora MX2
Friday 17 February13:00Maggiora Supercampione
Saturday 18 February23:30Maggiora Supercampione

Saturday 18 February13:00   Mantova MX1
Sunday 19 February 15:30Mantova MX1
Monday 20 February 13:00Mantova MX2
Tuesday 21 February10:00Mantova MX2
Wednesday 22 February 13:00Mantova Supercampione
Thursday 23 February23:00Mantova Supercampione

Friday 24 February13:00   San Severino MX1
Saturday 25 February 13:00San Severino MX2
Saturday 25 February23:30San Severino MX1
Sunday 26 February15:30San Severino MX2
Monday 27 February13:00San Severino Supercampione
Tuesday 28 February10:00San Severino Supercampione

Wednesday 1 March13:00   Cavallara MX1
Thursday 2 March23:00Cavallara MX1
Friday 3 March13:00Cavallara MX2
Saturday 4 March13:00Cavallara Supercampione
Saturday 4 March 23:30 Cavallara MX2
Sunday 5 March 15:30Cavallara Supercampione

Monday 6 March13:00   Malpensa MX1
Tuesday 7 March10:00Malpensa MX1
Tuesday 7 March13:00Malpensa MX2
Wednesday 8 March09:30Malpensa MX2
Wednesday 8 March 13:00 Malpensa Supercampione
Thursday 9 March 23:00Malpensa Supercampione

Friday 10 March13:00   Trofeo Regioni PT. 1 
Saturday 11 March 13:00Trofeo Regioni PT. 2 
Saturday 11 March23:30   Trofeo Regioni PT. 1 
Sunday 12  March15:30Trofeo Regioni PT. 2

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