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Free Break - Non Solo Motori - our new focus centered on everything that does not concern the world of motorsport .
Free Break

Free Break - CODOS

Free Break dedicated to the theater group CODOS (Society of Oratorians Evergreen). Founded in 1986 as a challenge between friends, CODOS now boasts made more than 30 representations, most comedies because the desire to entertain and have fun is not yet failed. The peculiarity of this group, however, is the language of their representations is the dialect as well as Italian. Leggi »

Free Break - "Quelli dell'Alcarotti"

Free Break dedicated to the dinner organized by the club "Quellidell'Alcarotti" last November 8. The dinner was attended by 130 fans who came together to share their passion and to do charity together. In addition to fans attended the dinner, some members of the Novara Calcio including the two goalkeepers David Da Costa and Francesco Pacini Leggi »

Free Break - Perform Sport Medical Center

The Free Break dedicated to the inauguration of Perform Sports Medical Center October 20, 2016 in Bergamo! Special guest Milan defender Gabriel Paletta, and Atalanta strikers Andrea Petagna and Alejandro Gomez! Leggi »

Free Break - UNVS "Umberto Barozzi" Award

Free Break dedicated to the "Umberto Barozzi"award organized by the Novara section of UNVS in the auditorium of the headquarters of Banca Popolare di Novara on October 10, 2016. Among the winners of the evening the star of volleyball Eleonora Lo Bianco, the former basketball champion and current coach Romeo Sacchetti and the former striker Novara Calcio Pablo Gonzalez. Leggi »

Free Break - Walking Football

Here's Free Break dedicated to performances of "Walking Football" held in Novarello September 17, 2016 and organized by the National Union Veterans of Sport Section "U. Barozzi" in Novara. Leggi »

Free Break - Allea Run

Here is a preview of the first special , dedicated at the Allea Run, a non-competitive charity footrace to the association Neo-N Department of Intensive Therapy of the Hospital Maggiore di Novara was attended by some members of the Novara Calcio and Novara of the sport! Leggi »