About Us

A&M Media Division, branch of the company Associated & Management Srl, produces from almost four years (thanks to the admission in the staff of Daniela Franchitti and Filippo Mingardi, reporters present from long time in motors world, from two to four wheels, from racing to product ) TV programs, producing some format based on the disciplines of motorsport that have not high attention in the traditional media, analyzing every aspect, to be able to enhance the communication and popular formula.

The quality of our products and the professionalism of our work, has enabled us to take another step forward and a further improvement, with a major investment.

In fact, on the basis of a recent agreement, our company has acquired the complete management of the production of all planning inherent the sector of "modern bikes" of the channel AutomotoTV (Sky 148 Italian platform).

All our formats are broadcasted by the thematic channel AUTOMOTOTV, present at nr. 148 of the Sky italian basic package, this channel also offers to the viewers the opportunity to enjoy our format using streaming on the website www.automototv.it!

From our experience, gained in the field of journalism and television production, our company provides high-level communications strategy and strengthens the synergistic combination of television and Internet, which today represent the most powerful & popular media.

For the realization of the production (which is always carried out independently, from the advertising to the creation of the file to the broadcast), A & M Media Division, involving only professionals:

• Director

• Director operator

• Sound engineer

• Assistant Director

• Production Assistant

• Photo shooting

• Assemblers for post production

This organization allows us to deliver to the channel the finished product, ready for broadcast.